The Al-Hathloul family – the story of the struggle for freedom

The moves of the Saudi human rights activist “Lujain Al-Hathloul” were the main reason for the fame of this family’s story, in a march full of struggle and challenges, which aimed to seek to convey the voice of their daughter Loujain, for the purpose of winning her cause.

After nearly a decade of prominent and continuing activities for Hathloul, she was arrested, to begin the story of her family’s struggle, including the father, mother, brother and sisters, to open the door to international efforts to confront the authorities alongside the case of Jane and her peers.

Activities Facing Arrests

The role of human rights activist “Lujain Al-Hathloul” emerged in the Saudi arena, in her early years, when she was studying French literature at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, where she constantly sought to change many laws and concepts, until she began to face the biggest challenge in her case.

During 2012, with its emergence on the scene in the Kingdom, and its numerous human rights activities, it was considered an important stage in Al-Hathloul’s activity by confronting laws and concepts, to begin the struggle in its human rights activity.

Loujain was arrested on November 29, 2014, and spent 73 days in prison, while the courts were considering charges of undermining her national security under the anti-terrorism laws because of her activism calling for legal reform in favor of Saudi women.

The harassment continued until her arrest again in the UAE in March 2018, and her forced deportation to her country, to remain in house arrest with her family and prevent her from traveling

Searching for freedom

The Al-Hathloul family was known to be one of the active Saudi families that search for freedom and pursue their human rights activities for the benefit of the people in the Kingdom.

As for her father, he was an officer in the Royal Saudi Navy, and he stood by her in her campaign to demand women’s rights and the amendment of laws.

Loujain Al-Hathloul’s sisters, Alia and Lina, were not absent during her detention, as were her brother Walid, as they used all the tools they had to put pressure on the Saudi authorities and the organizations concerned, with the aim of releasing their sister Loujain and winning her case by various means.

Lina … Meetings for Jane’s Freedom

Lina did her best for the freedom that her sister Loujain al-Hathloul had lost, as she began her activity by supporting her sister, by organizing multiple meetings, in order to convey her voice, that of Loujain, and her cause.

Among the most prominent of what she participated in this march, was her meeting with some members of the US Congress in late September of 2019, and the aim of these meetings was to convey the story of her sister and her suffering, to obtain a means of pressure for the authorities in the Kingdom to release her.

Lina did not stop with these meetings, but rather strived to continue her activity until the last moment. She participated in the “Women of the World” conference, which was organized in New York State, USA, and gave a speech in which she spoke about the suffering of her sister, Loujain, inside the cell.


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