Salman Al-Odah before the court again .. 3 years in detention

A Saudi court decided, on Wednesday, to postpone the sentencing of the Islamic preacher, Salman Al-Awda, to next November 27.
This came according to a tweet by Abdullah, the son of the Islamic preacher Salman Al-Awda, who has been detained since 2017 in the Kingdom, through his official account on Twitter.

Abdullah said: “Today, in the secret trial session of the father, Salman al-Awda, in the specialist in Riyadh, the father did not attend and decided to postpone the hearing until Wednesday, 27 November next.”

He explained, “This postponement comes as part of a series of court tampering, changing judges, and exposing the father to multiple violations in transportation, and currently in Al-Hayer in Riyadh.”

And the official “Prisoners of Conscience” account on Twitter, which supports political prisoners in Saudi Arabia, stated that “the Specialized Criminal Court of Terrorism in Riyadh today held the session (it was intended to pronounce the verdict) without summoning Sheikh Suleiman to return to it.”

Usually, the courts in Saudi Arabia do not announce many details of their sessions, do not broadcast them, and do not announce the names of the accused in the cases.

Last July, Amnesty International (non-governmental, based in London) demanded in a statement, the Saudi authorities, to release Al-Awda “immediately and unconditionally”.

In September 2017, the Saudi authorities arrested prominent preachers and activists in the country, most notably: Salman Al-Odah, Awad Al-Qarni and Ali Al-Omari, on charges of “terrorism and conspiracy against the state”, amid demands from international and Islamic personalities and organizations that they should be released. Anadolu is an acronym for a portion of the news that is presented to subscribers via the News Streaming System (HAS). To subscribe to the agency, please contact the following link

المزيد من الأخبار

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